Programul PIPEFLOW pentru specializarea Inginerie Sanitară, atât pentru licențe, proiecte, lucrări de diplomă, etc. cât și pentru cei de la master MIRA.

Acknowledgement for PIPEFLOW.CO.UK

From our Dean and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Constructions from Oradea University Ph.D.Prof.Eng. Mancia Aurora and Ph.D.Prof.Eng. Gheorghe Ionescu, we wish to thank to John and David Gardiner from PIPEFLOW Company, U. K. ,  for their kind offer to give us a  free licence  of PIPEFLOW software with the aim to use it only for our academic lectures, seminaries and laboratories. We wish to assure the PIPEFLOW Co. that this software will be very useful for our undegraduate students in the Sanitary Engeneering and Environment Protection, for their Projects in Instalations and also for  the graduate students in Master Education. With our best wishes, Prof. Dr. Speranta Coldea.