Latest ISSUE Vol.11(24) ISSUE 2 2021 (full text)

Almarashda Hassan Ali Hassan Altaffaq, Baba Ishak Bin, Ramli Azizul Azhar, Memon Aftab Hameed, Rahman Ismail Abdul

Human Resource Management and Technology Development in Artificial Intelligence Adoption in the UAE Energy Sector

Baba Slimane Nour El Houda, Baouni Tahar

Interaction between the Transport Network and the Territory of Algiers (Complex System): In Search of Indicators

Das Jayanta Kumar, Deb Saikat, Bharali Biswadeep

Prediction of Aggregate Impact Values and Aggregate Crushing Values Using Light Compaction Test

Hameed Rashid, Mahmood Saba, Riaz M. Rizwan, Gillani S. Asad Ali, Tahir Muhammad

Strengthening of Un-Reinforced Brick Masonry Walls Using Epoxy Mortar

Kemer H., Bouras R., Sonebi M., Mesboua N., Benmounah A.

Slump Test: A New Empirical Model for High Yield Stress Material

Lemenkov V., Lemenkova Polina

Testing Deformation and Compressive Strength of the Frozen Fine-Grained Soils with Changed Porosity and Density

Merciu Florentina-Cristina, Păunescu C., Merciu G.-L., Cioacă A.E.

Using 3D Modeling to Promote Railway Heritage. The Railway Station of Curtea de Argeş Municipality as Case Study

Noshin Sadaf, Khan M. Adil, Salman M., Shahzad Aslam M., Ahmad Haseeb, Rehman Atteq Ur, Kanwal Humaira, Ahmad Abrar

Evaluating the Compressive Strength of Concrete Containing Recycled Aggregate in Different Curing Conditions

Stanca Simona

Improving Building Acoustics

Vitan E., Hotupan Anca, Hadarean Adriana

Average Operating Pressure Effect on Water Supply Systems Performances. A Case Study for 12 Romanian Small Water Distribution Networks

Saket A., Fatemi Aghda S.M., Sadeghi H, Fahimifar A.

Analysis and Routing of Basic Parameters of Tasuj Earthquake (April 2013, Northwest Of Iran) with an Emphasis on Geodetic Data, Foreshocks and Large Aftershocks